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Custom Built Sampledelic Sounds

Pastoral Psych Full Demo Anew Day C to Aminor 83 bpmArtist Name
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Sampledelic sounds are on a mission to create unique ,affordable, high quality sample packs for all types of music producers

Inspired by the maverick musical pioneers, Every sample is created from scratch and designed to provide a unique flavour to your tracks.

These sounds are the launchpad to unique styles of music.

All real,  off the grid,100% original and 100% unique

SampledelicSounds created by Papas St Germain

What you do with them is up to you,  

shoe vol 5.jpg

The latest Release from sampledelicsounds takes a deep dive into the halycon days of shoegaze in 1991.

Inspired by the sounds and bands of 91, this sample collection takes in skyscraping guitars, dubbed out bass, loose beats and general cathedrals of sonic bliss.


Dive in, take a trip and drown in the sounds of C91

am guitrs vol 2.jpg
harm beats.jpg
psych blue deraft 2.jpg

June 2022 new release

New from sampledelicsounds, the second in the Indie Guitars series.

Chiming, melodic guitars,layered melancholic melodies and cutting chords bring the indie spirit out in this new chapter in the indie chronicles.


Deep driving bass and staggered beats provide the backbone and swagger, creating a launchpad for melodic, harmonic guitar pop moves.


Strike a chord and dive in

indie guitars vol 2.png
Shoegaze Guitars July 2020 DemoArtist Name
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 NEW !


sampledelicsounds is now at Bandcamp

Individual samples are now available from some of our sample packs at Bandcamp

Click on the below banner to explore 

psych hop beats.jpg

OUT NOW Nov 2021

Psych hop 1 Full Demo sly stoned wah funk beat in A 90 bpmArtist Name
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