Custom Built Sampledelic Sounds

Beat Tape vol 1 Demo.mp3Sampledelic Sounds
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 sampledelicsounds are focused on creating the sounds that don't exist on the vast majority of sample packs out there.


Created by papas st germain, the mission is to create unique, affordable,high quality samples that will add a distinctive element to any type of production,song or composition.


 the sounds are inspired by the Mavericks and pioneers with a DIY attitude that helped create and forge new musical territories.


These artists include Boards of Canada, Madlib, King Tubby, Future Sound of London,lee perry,PRIMAL SCREAM, JAMC,MADCHESTER,john fahey, My Bloody Valentine,j dilla , Brian Eno,Four Tet,Burial and genres such as ambient,folktronica,60'S PSYCHEDELIA, Dub,shoegaze,old school hip hop and electronica.


This musical philosophy of experimental attitude in sound design is at the heart of sampledelicsounds.




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