Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies from Papas St Germain is an eclectic mix of tough beats, ambient pads and chords, melodic loops and combinations of beats and melodies. The sounds were sourced from drum machines, real snare hits, acoustic and electric guitars and bits and bobs - such as recorders, thai flutes and some actual flute (played by Catherine). All sounds were then heavily processed using paulextremesoundstretch(check it out), Reaper and Pro Tools, huge amounts of analogue and digital delay, reverb, distortion and saturation. A combination of software and hardware was used with The MPC, S3000XL , Electribe ES1, Alesis SR16, Big Muff, Line 6 delay and Holy Stain used on the hardware front. On the plug ins side, huge amounts of PSP plug ins for EQ and compression, audiodamage for extreme dub delays and whatever else could be used to sculpt and manipulate the original sounds. Check out further demos of this library at soundcloud. (http://soundcloud.com/papas-st-germain)

Harmonic Beats Discordant Melodies

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